2013 NCAA George State vs. No. 1 Alabama Match Preview

By Nicholas Pratt
On October 5, 2013

NCAA::Alabama vs George St.Live Stream.WATCH College Football game Online Tonight . But for Alabama side, things might not as fans are expecting as it is a dual-die game. It was not a bed of roses for the team in their last match on September 21th as they lost to Idaho. However, it was not an extremely terrible defeat as they scores stood at 26-24.  Looking at the expected scores, it was a great disappointed to the fans as the Alabama failed to reach the set 7.5 favorite point. It was also a disappointing game for the bettors as the total combined points only reached 50 going below the expected totals. Alabama need to put more effort in their future matches so as to gain trust from their fans.

2013 NCAA George State vs. No. 1 Alabama Match Preview

Saturday 5, all roads lead to Alabama where they will be the hosts of George State in the 2013 NCAA circuit.It will be ano-mercy game as both teams are expected to open another supremacy record. They made their home proud as they beat Florida International and West Michigan respectively by a very big difference at a 56-32 score. This was very essential in helping them climb up the football ladder. They attained the set 39 points for favorites. In addition to this, the team’s win was also in favor of the bettors. The game also made some people rich as it attained a combined total of 56 points going way over the betted target.


Comparing the two teams, George State could be the better team. This is with reference to the previous matches. The George State have been on top of their game winning in four straight games. However it has been the complete opposite for the Alabama as they have lost in four straight games. Thus if the George State play as they did in the previous matches, they could be the winning team.

Upon further analysis of the teams’ records, the following can be seen. When the teams played on October, they had matching record of 5-3 However this was not the case when they played on grass as the George State record stood at 5-5 while the Alabama was at 1-9. The records also differed when the teams played within the conference where the George State score is at 6-3 whereas that of the Alabama is at 4-6.  George State score after outgaining its opponents was 9-1 while that of the Alabama was 6-7.

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