Fighting to Clear His Name from an Imposed “Catfish” Scheme

By Christina Mitchell
On September 19, 2013

Falling a victim of “Catfish” Scheme is one of the serious legal cases you can ever face. The scheme has been a major trap of many NBA players. Recently, the scheme saw Chris Andersen falling into the trap despite winning the NBA championship. As a Miami Heat star, Chris is among the world’s best and high-profiled players who have contributed greatly in winning trophies and titles for their respective clubs. All along since he won the championship last June, the year has been the worst ever to Chris Andersen battling with court cases.

According to the latest reports, Chris has managed to clear his name from the Scheme. As he is commonly known, Chris Birdman Andersen made several court appearances to see his name dropped from the illegal “Catfish” Scheme. This is as per details released by Sun-Sentinel’sIra Winderman and ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. To ensure there is full and clear development of the scandal, ESPN managed to conduct an in-depth investigation on what took place in the entire process. In May 2012, a thorough search of Chris’s home is reported to have been conducted by the Internet Crimes against Children Unit (ICCU). This search was aimed at forming a concrete investigation to be presented before the court of law.

On completion of ICCU investigation, various findings were labelled against Chris Andersen. The unit reported to have found child pornography, Internet luring and child predation as part of the scandals surrounding Chris. According to the AP, Andersen’s name was officially taken and he was to appear in court to answer all those allegations. The truth of the matter is that Chris Andersen was duped into the malicious scam as per Jon Wertheim’s report in Sports Illustrated.

When you read through the report published by Jon Wertheim, it is clear that Chris Andersen was duped to get involved into a sexual relationship. This act emerged between him and one California-disguised Canadian woman who misrepresented his age to convince Chris. The Nuggets Andersen is said to have engaged with is not legal in Colorado. The age limit for one to get involved in sexual scams stands at 17 for other states including Colorado. After successfully managing to steal Chris Andersen’s identity online, the woman started to construct various scenarios in the name of Chris with other California women. You need to read more concerning this malicious scandal.

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